Today we have prepared a quick checklist of the things you should do before enrolling your child to his very first piano classes. This list shall help in improving the learning graph of your child substantially and also help you contribute your bit in nurturing the talent of your little pianist.


Buy a piano


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Your child will not make progress without a piano at home as he will not be able to practice in between lessons. So this goes without saying that you must buy a piano. Ideally you should go for a good quality acoustic piano but if you are struggling with space related issues, go for a digital one.


Watch piano performances


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Hunt for videos on YouTube that showcase brilliant piano performances and what all young learners like your child can do with a piano. Build up a passion in your child for this form of art.


Play rhythm and clapping games


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Clapping games are not just meant to keep the child busy. These games develop a sense of rhythm and pattern that lays down the foundation for music learning. Click here to find some interesting clapping games.


Encourage your child to play the piano prior to beginning lessons


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Playing around with the piano before beginning the lessons shall develop a sense of familiarity in the child. He will become familiar with the layout of the keys, the way the keys make high sounds towards the right and low sounds towards the left. Other than this he will realize the different sounds effects of the piano – softer sounds when you press the keys gently and sustained sounds when you depress the pedal. All this will save him a lot of time during the initial lessons and he’ll be able to learn at a faster rate.


Purchase a piano stool that is height adjustable


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Sitting at the right height is what makes piano playing effortless and comfortable. If your child sits at the wrong height, he shall not be able to produce beautiful sounds. Hence purchase the one with adjustable height and analyse what is comfortable for your child.


Realize your role as a parent


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At the beginning of the piano lessons your child will require encouragement in order to succeed at their daily practice. Sit down with your child and make them practice. Moreover become a positive practice partner.


Opt for home lessons if your child has a tight schedule


Create time for music in your and your child’s life. If the schedule of your child is already full, you can opt for music classes at home. We think that High will be a great option for your child to take piano lessons at home. With our at home lessons, your child can learn to play the piano under the guidance of our qualified piano teachers. Click here to know more.