Beginning of a Journey – The first student for High Furtados

High Furtados recently completed a year of on ground operations. We had onboarded our very first Student for our venture, Ms. Mehek Doshi on April 1,2016. She has been successfully learning the Piano for over a year now.

The team went on to meet the student personally and thank them for the association. The following are excerpts from the conversation with the student and her parent Hetal Doshi.

1. Q. Congratulations on completing a year of music learning with High Furtados. Can you describe your journey with us?

Hetal : Over the period of a year, we have experienced 2 teachers : Tatyana Dichenko and Smarajeet Bhattacharya. Tatyana was a Russian teacher. She had to leave for a holiday. We were handily provided a replacement teacher in the form of Smarajeet. We loved the new teacher. He figured out that my daughter has a ear for music. He played and taught her tunes that she was familiar with, which worked absolute wonders. He is very pro student as well as pro curriculum. Smarajeet is also very flexible when it comes to the timings. So rescheduling classes was not at all a hassle with him.

Mehek : Yes. And also, the fact that the teacher came home to teach me enabled me to cut down on the travelling time and I could do my homework easily. I also have the Piano at my home which I can practise anytime.

Q2. Of all the instruments, what made you choose the Piano?

Hetal : I love the Piano. And,we have a huge hall where we can place it and she can play the instrument. I was very fond of the Sitar too. And other string instruments. Also, it was also my dream to learn a musical instrument. But I could not. I really wish my daughter goes all the way.

Mehek : I like it because I can play it for my friends. Also, because it was my mom’s dream.

Q3. What have been the benefits of Piano lessons?

Hetal : When the teacher comes home, he warms up by playing beautiful music for 5 minutes. This enables the student to settle down in a peaceful and calm environment for lesson. Similarly, when the Piano is being practised in the house, the music sends good vibes all around. I am a lover of music and enjoy listening to the songs she plays, which are a mix of old songs, and sometimes a bunch of new songs that she has recently got heard of.

Mehek : I love that I can learn playing songs and entertain guests by performing.

Q4. How do you find this new venture from the House of Furtados?

Hetal : Very nice. I highly recommend it. As a parent, as well as for students, its really nice.

Q5. Tell us something more about your teacher Smarajeet?

Hetal : He is very friendly. He is very open to sharing not only his knowledge but also his music.

Mehek : He is cool. I did not know how to read music at all.

Hetal : He calmly taught her and gave nice tips.

Mehek : Now I can read music and enjoy it!

– As told to Vikas Nopany

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