The Indian music fraternity is very diverse, and comprises of extremely talented individuals who are good at their respective domains of music, be it singing or playing an Indian or western instrument. A huge number of musicians have made it big on the global map. A few musicians have even been featured on Hollywood movies. A lot of these musicians have received awards from independent agencies from countries around the world. Here is a concise list of artists who have managed to leave an imprint on the world.


  • Late Pandit Ravi Shankar (Bharat Ratna)


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Pandit Ravi Shankar was a world renowned Sitarist and a composer. Despite being a prolific Hindustani musician he often composed ballet. He received five presidential awards including the Bharat Ratna. He also had a close relationship with George Harrison of the beatles. Whom he reportedly taught how to play the guitar. His daughters, Norah Jones and Anushka Shankar are famous musicians in their own fields.

  • Late Jagjit Singh (Padma Bhushan)


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Jagjit Singh was a world renowned Ghazal Singer, often referred to as The Ghazal King. He performed in various countries around the world. He was conferred with the Padma Bhushan by the Government in 2003. Scores of American and British newspapers often were all praise for his albums.

  • Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (Padma Vibhushan)


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Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is a world renowned flutist and composer. His legacy as a flute player has been recognized by many governments worldwide. Apart from receiving the Padma Vibhushan, he has also received honors from the Dutch Royal Family after being conferred with the title – Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau and appointed as Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France. He has also featured on the beatles B-side “The Inner Light” apart from working with other western musicians like John Mclaughlin and many more.

  • Purna Das Baul (Padma Shri)


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Purna Da Baul, also known as Baul Samrat is an Indian folk musician who has travelled across 140 countries and represented Baul Music around the world. Dr. Rajendra Prasad conferred him with the title Baul Samrat, and in 2013 he received the Padma Shri. He has worked with many western artists including Bob Dylan and was personally feted by Mick Jagger in England.

  • Ali Akbar Khan (Padma Vibhushan)


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Ali Akbar Khan was a world renowned Sarod player. He was conferred with the Padma Vibhushan. He has many schools around the world, including onein Berkley, California and another in Switzerland under his name. He also received two grammy nominations.

  • A .R. Rahman (Padma Shri)


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A.R. Rahman, who was also coined as the Mozart of Madras, is a Indian musician, composer, singer and director who has been conferred with the Padma Shri. He has also received several Academy Awards and BAFTA awards. The Government of Seychelles has named him the cultural ambassador too.

Needless to say, there are close to a hundred more artists, who have received international fame. There are upcoming Indian bands who are receiving traction due to social media.

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