Learning to play a musical instrument helps in the all-round development of a child. It develops his motor skills and naturally leads to success in all areas of life. Choosing the right instrument for your child paves the path for his success. Since choosing the right instrument can have benefits that last a lifetime therefore we have jotted down a few tips that will help you choose an awesome beginner’s guitar for your little one.

Choose a type

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Guitars come in two types – acoustic and electric. Choosing between them is the first step that you need to undertake. Al though each has its merits as a starter instrument, there is no good or bad. Your decision should purely be based on your child’s interest. Try and understand their motivation and what encourages them to pursue their interest. You must give priority to your child’s interest. Buying an acoustic for your would-be little electric guitarist wouldn’t be the right move. Therefore, analyze your child’s interest area and then take a decision.

Choose the right size

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Selecting the right size guitar is very important. A large guitar will make it difficult for your child to make the proper reach with both the hands. If his arm is raised as high as the shoulder to reach the guitar, it will become uncomfortable and painful for him. This will make it difficult for him to play the instrument as his fingers shall not move properly on the fingerboard. To ensure that your child is comfortable playing the guitar, buy him the right size. Consider the following data for buying the guitar – 30” for ages 4-6, 34” for ages 6-9, 36” for ages 9-12 and standard size for ages 12 and up.

Choose one that has been inspected and adjusted for easy playability

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This is the most ignored yet important factor to keep in mind before buying a guitar. An unadjusted guitar is extremely difficult to play. If your child will face difficulty in pushing the strings to get a clear note, he will never experience the pleasure associated with playing an instrument. To ensure that your child learns to play the instrument with comfort and ease, make sure that the guitar is tested for easy playability.

After choosing the right guitar for your child the next step should be to enrol him to the right classes. If your child has a busy schedule, you can arrange guitar lessons at home for him, with High’s Individual/Groups program. We provide guitar classes at your doorstep under the guidance of a qualified guitar tutor. Click here to know more.