Identify and develop musical talent in your child early in life


Most children love music. We have all seen them laughing merrily and dancing to the tunes of many songs. Many toddlers even seem to catch the tune of a song easily and replicate it with ease. So have you lately seen your child do the same? If so, then your child could be the next musical sensation provided you are able to identify his musical intelligence and take all the necessary steps to develop it in the right direction.

Each one of us is born with a particular talent and if this talent is identified at an early age then we can nurture and develop it in the right direction. So if you feel that your child is the next Rahman or Lata and has in depth musical intelligence in him to skilfully perform, compose and appreciate music then you must get him enrolled in a music institute to help him nurture his talent. And for those parents who are wondering if their child is musically inclined or not should go through the following steps to unfold the talent in their child.


Watch your child move


Children who are musically gifted have a rhythmic way of moving to the sound of music. So the next time you play a song, observe your child’s movement to the song. Does your child tap his feet to the beats of the song? Does he sway along the music or beat the pots and pans to the beats of music? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then your child has the makings of a Rockstar.


Listen to your child talk


As parents listen to your child talk about the noise of the cars coming from the street or about the sound of the rain water hitting the roof. Musically gifted children learn to identify sounds and rhythm from an early age. The opening of doors, the dribbling of a ball on the ground and the distant chatter of people talking is all music to the ears of a child who has inclination towards this art. So parents, the next time note the observations made by your child about the magical world of various sounds.


Put your child to test


In order to identify the hidden musical talent in your child you can sing a song to him at home and deliberately make a mistake in the melody or play an instrument completely out of tune and see if your child is able to pick up that mistake. If your child is has a heightened sense of music then he will be able to identify any fault which occurs in the melody.


Encourage your child


Play a melody for your child on a musical instrument and see if they are able to repeat the same. Encourage them to go for it and at times you will be pleasantly surprised to see that they come up with interesting musical notes.


Take professional help


Lastly, you can ask a music teacher or a music school to help you in evaluating the musical talent in your child. The professional advice will help your child explore the different possibilities in the world of music and also help him find out his musical style and instrument.


Once you have followed all the above mentioned steps and have come to the conclusion that your child does have music in his soul then all you need to do is enrol him for music lessons. And when it comes to learning music HIGH offers quality music learning right at your doorstep. With our advanced curriculum and trained faculty we will for sure nurture and develop the musical talent in your little champ. So allow your toddler to rock the world with the beats of his drum by giving him HIGH – Music learning at doorstep!