Does your child tend to forget the lyrics of his songs or gets sick right in the middle of his performance? If yes, then this means that your child has stage fright and this is something which is found in many children. Stage fright is kind of a phobia where children are scared to perform on the stage in front of others. But parents can definitely help their child in overcoming this fear.


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While many children can perform on the stage with utmost calm and confidence, others fail to do so. We feel that what is utterly important for overcoming the fear of the stage is a dash of confidence. And you as parents can help develop that confidence in your child.  To do that you can conduct jam sessions at home and build up the confidence that your child requires. You can make DIY musical instruments at home and spend some quality time with your child or you can also download mobile apps and make your child practice music on them. All these activities shall certainly boost up your child’s confidence and make him fear the stage a little less. Let us further discuss that how you can use jam sessions at home to keep your child’s fear of stage at bay.


It will help you learn about your child’s fears


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Sitting down with your child and jamming together will help you understand your child’s fears and inhibitions. And once you know that, you can use this knowledge to tackle with his fear and build his confidence.


It helps you prepare your child for the stage


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Practice brings a lot of confidence in the child. The more he practices the more confident he shall be on stage, especially after you assure him that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.


It increase your child’s focus


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Jamming sessions at home will make him more disciplined and focussed towards his art and thus help in improving his performance on the stage.


It gives you the chance to introduce your child to some relaxing techniques


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During the jam sessions you can introduce him to some relaxing techniques such as deep breathing, this will help him stay calm during the performance, and overcome his stage fright.


It gives you the opportunity to appreciate your child’s performance


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Appreciating your child’s performance during the jam sessions shall certainly build up his confidence and will make help him deliver a great performance when he is on the stage the next time.


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