Throughout the ages, the guitar, as an instrument, has seen itself being employed across genres and has gone through various transformations to cater to those individual music styles.

There are people who prefer playing acoustic or country music and there are those who wish to master the art of distortion and play in a rock or metal band. Although the basics are common to both the styles, including the scales and modes which make up the music, the difference in sounds across those genres, require different tools and equipments. But what is fairly common to both are accessories, which not only aid a guitarist to travel with their guitar but to make them play their choice music efficiently and easily.

Here are 5 must have accessories for you guitar –

  • Guitar Strings


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It seems obvious that a guitarist would require strings for their guitar, but what is important to highlight is the fact that guitar strings, in and of itself, come in various shapes and sizes to cater to an individual’s personal style of music. While a classical guitarist would require nylon strings, on the contrary an electric guitarist would require strings which conduct music through the pickups on the guitar. However the variation does not stop there. Different brands provide different sounds to your instruments. Therefore, guitar strings suited for your personal style is a must have product.

  • Guitar Picks


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Guitar picks, have become the latest trend in the guitar player’s arsenal. Even Grammy winning musicians release their custom designed picks as promotional itinerary. Guitar picks, much like any other accessory comes in various shapes, sizes, textures and colors. There are musicians who prefer hard picks over the soft ones. There are those who play finger-style, hence use thumb picks for strumming and playing arpeggios. The variation is pristine and caters to each and every individual’s needs.

  • Guitar Straps


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Much like guitar picks, Guitar straps are a hot favorite amongst players. Straps, throughout the generations have been worn by guitarists to disseminate what they believe in or the kind of music they play. They come in various shapes and sizes, and can even come in the colors of your favorite band. The material also varies for every strap. They are adjustable to the guitarists playing stance and are a great way to communicate with the audience. Needless to say, it is a must have product for any guitarist.

  • Guitar Bags and Cases


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Guitar Bags and Cases are a necessity for the travelling musician. There are different types of bags made up of different materials to help transport your instrument without a scratch. It also facilitates your requirements for a space to carry other accessories like picks, strings, pedals, tuners etc. along with your guitar. Guitar cases, generally made up of Styrofoam or leather, are perfect for air travel and facilitate an easy transportation for your instrument.

  • Guitar Maintenance Equipment


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Guitar maintenance is an important necessity for every guitarist. Timely cleaning of strings, oiling/waxing of the fret board as well as fret polishing is a requisite that needs to be met to keep ones instrument in pristine condition. Solutions and equipments across various brands are available in the market and are a must have for the new, the old, or the professional guitarist.

These 5 must-have equipments/apparatus are a necessity for every guitarist and are easily available in store.

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