The Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s of personality: What your music choice says about your persona

Do you wish to know a person? Do you want to understand his perspective of life? And do you also want to know his traits? How about understanding a person through music?  Yes, it is true that the kind of music we listen to reveals a lot many things about our personality. So all you need to do to in order to unwind all the mysteries that surround a person is to browse through their playlist. Listen to five of their favourite songs and trust us when we say that you will be able to make quite accurate predictions about their level of creativity, extraversion and open mindedness to name a few after having listened to those songs.

Music is like an unspoken language which not only shapes our personality but influences us to understand life from a whole new perspective. What we listen to is what we are and what our understanding of the world is. So do you want to know what a person’s music choice says about them or what your taste in music tells about you? If so, then come let us see what the music you listen to has to say about your personality.


Pop Music


If you or somebody you know has all the Rihanna hits lined up in their playlist then you guys certainly are big fans of this style of music. So let us find out that if you listen to pop music while driving your car, during your work-out session or after a long day just to pump your spirits up then what it says about your personality.


Personality traits: People who enjoy listening to pop music tend to be extrovert, straightforward and honest in nature. They are also found to be quite hard-working.


Rap and Hip Hop Music


Boom…boom…splash! So you are a Snoop Dog fan, are you? Well, that is lovely. So let us see what we have in store for our hip-hoppers.


Personality traits: Those who are fans of the loud rap and hip hop music are very outgoing and also keep a high self-esteem.


Country Music


There you are our old souls who are lovers of the evergreen country music. The rhythm of this music has a different kind of high to it, isn’t it? So let the curtains open to showcase the personality traits of people who have given their hearts out to this genre of music.


Personality traits: The fans of this music style are hardworking, outgoing and conventional. They unlike the emotional music they love tend to be quite emotionally stable.


Heavy metal Music


Let us have a cheer for all you energetic people who can spend hours head banging while listening to their favourite heavy metal band perform. This is the finest way to express the love you hold for the music that suits your style. And, what it says about your personality? Well, let’s see that too.


Personality traits: Now this might come as a surprise but the fans of this style of music are generally quite gentle. They are often introverts and are also very creative.


Classical Music


Well, we feel that nothing is more classy than the unbeatable style of Classical Music. So all you people who have hopelessly fallen in love with this music style allow us to unfold the uniqueness of your character.


Personality traits: Classical music lovers are typically introverts and are quite at peace with themselves and their surroundings.


Jazz, Blues and Soul Music


Wait…do we hear Stevie Wonders Part time lover coming out of your headphones? Well, we guessed it right. You are our kind of people, aren’t you? You are the ones who absorb the words and the melody in the song with each breath, isn’t it? So our dear soulful music lovers let us reveal your secrets to the world.


Personality traits: People with taste in this genre of music are extroverts, intelligent and full of life.


So after having told you all about the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s of personality do let us know in the comments below about your preferred taste in music and the corresponding attributes of your lovely persona till then let the music keep on setting your mood HIGH.