It is never a bad idea to earn a few extra bucks as a student, isn’t it? It can pay your bills and buy you the stuff you want, and who doesn’t want that? Though there are many ways to earn pocket money as a student, today we have highlighted 10 ways by which students who have interest in music and can play an instrument or sing, can earn a few extra bugs. So browse through these ways, pick up the most suitable one and start earning the extra money.

  • Become a part-time music teacher


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If you know how to play a musical instrument and can teach it to others then you can become a part-time music teacher with  HIGH – A Furtados venture. All you need to do is to teach students how to play an instrument, at your desired location and time and earn extra pocket money out of your hobby.

  • Live performances

Live Performance

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Perform at clubs, bars, wedding and even events to earn a steady allowance. This ways you get paid and also keep on doing what you like.

  • Create a YouTube account



Create a YouTube account and start uploading your singing videos there. YouTube pays a part of the advertisement revenue to videos that get a lot of views and have ads placed in them.

  • Set-up your own website


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Setup your own website and start promoting and selling the digital copies of your music videos and live performances through it.

  • Transcribe music for others


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Yes, you read that right. You can earn money for transcribing music for others. So if you know how to do it then nothing should stop you to get started with it.

  • Become a part-time DJ



If you have a good knowledge of music and know how to mix songs together, then you can even consider becoming a part-time DJ.

  • Create music for video games


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You do not have to necessarily follow the crowd when you can do something as awesome as creating music and sound-effects for video games.

  • Publish a music e-book on Kindle


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Publish a simple e-book like “bass guitar for dummies” on kindle, and start earning easy money through the sale of the book.

  • Sell sheet music


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If you know how to create sheet music and are fairly good at it then you can earn money through it. You can create sheet music for some lesser known instrument and sell it to concerned people.

  •  Make money through SoundCloud


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Making money on soundcloud is similar to that through YouTube. You get paid for each ad that plays during your tracks. So create a Soundcloud account and get started today itself.