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Customer FAQS
Courses & Plans

What instruments can I learn through High?

We provide music learning courses in Piano, Keyboards, Guitar & Drums

What Music Genres can I learn through High?

The Curriculum for Drums, Keyboards & Guitar is the Rock & Pop Curriculum. The Curriculum for Piano is the Faber Piano Adventures Curriculum which is grounded in Western Classical Style. The above teach the students the fundamentals of music; and once that has been imbibed the student can apply his / her learning across music genres-Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Rock & Pop, Bollywood etc. Teachers across categories can add additional music pieces as part of the learning process to incorporate the genres the student is interested in. Elite Teachers will be able to teach you a focused musical style beyond the standard curriculum.

Can I learn more than one instrument at the same time?


What is the recommended age for learning all instruments?

Each student is unique and ability to pick up an instrument should be discussed with the teacher during a trial session. However, on a standard basis Drums and Guitars are taught from the ages of 8 onwards.  Keyboards and Piano are taught from the ages of 4 onwards.

How do I decide which instrument to choose?

If you are unsure of the instrument you want to pursue, we recommend you try out a session to experience the instrument.  

What are the different learning plan options available?

We have three starter plans available depending upon your interest  
  • Flexi Plan:
If you are Not sure Music Learning is for you ? Flexi plans are ideal for testing the waters-  children/ young adults and adults who wish to try their hand at music before they commit to it or simply for those who enjoy music and don’t mind dabbling in it in their spare time. Choose just 4 or 10 sessions at the outset and then decide !  
  • Rockstar Plan:
If you want to make music part of your or your child’s life than this program is ideal for you. This plan helps students learn music and work towards  performance ready pieces. A beginner or a student with prior exposure to music at the end of the program will have music pieces that they can play to show their talent! Be the life of every party- Forever!  
  • Certificate Plan:
If you want to invest in acquiring this skill.   Music is a skill- which is worth investing in. Music can set you/ your child  apart from others and will help you get credits when seeking higher education either within or outside the country. At the end of the program you can earn a certificate by undertaking an FSM exam or Trinity Exam*  

What examination will I be eligible for?

With the Certificate Plan you will be eligible for enrolling for FSM Examinations. Your teacher will also train you specifically towards these examinations. The FSM examinations occur every September Annually.   Independently you can also attempt any International Music Examinations like Trinity GuildHall & ABRSM. Our curriculum is aligned to achieve the objectives of both these examinations; however you will have to pay the examination fees yourself.   For more details on the same please visit and

Can I later enroll for the FSM Examinations if I do not enroll for the Certificate plan?

Yes, we have an examination training plan for 8 sessions which will allow you to train and enroll for the FSM examinations at a later date, even if you have not purchased the Certificate plan. Please discuss with your teacher the correct time to enroll for an examination.

Why are there learning plans? Can I pay per session instead?

Learning Music is a lifelong process. Any student will need at least 10-12 weeks to be able to grasp the basic of music. If you are just testing the waters you can opt for a Flexi Plan for just 4 or 10 sessions and renew later.  We have a minimum of 4 sessions commitment to block a teacher’s schedule. It makes more sense to purchase a long term package and be committed to learning music and thereby enjoy the process of music making.   To make it easy on your pocket we have ECS and EMI options available so you can pay for sessions on a monthly basis (To be Launched)

I have finished my sessions how do I purchase more?

After you have finished your starter package you can go ahead and renew you plan by:
  • Purchasing a longer term learning plan i.e. Rockstar or Certificate Plan
  • Purchase a Vanilla Booster Package of 4 or 10 sessions.

How many sessions are required to learn one grade in music?

On average a student requires 36 sessions to complete a grade. However, the learning path for each student is different. It depends on the practise time they dedicate per day and their inclination to music
Group session

Are group sessions better or solo sessions better?

There are many pros for joining a group session. Our curriculum and pedagogy is design to teach group sessions effectively.
  • Group Sessions are cheaper per student as group discounts as incorporated
  • Group sessions are fun as students learn together as a team

What discounts do I get if I opt for group sessions?

Discounts for a group depend upon the size of the group. Typically a group discount starts from 25% and goes up to 60% of a solo session per person.

Is there are limit to the number of students in a group session?

We can provide group sessions up to 8-10 students in Keyboards, Drums and Guitar

What are the requirements for a group session?

All students in a group session are typically at the same learning level; and progress together. Therefore, if one member misses a session the session is still deemed as complete. A HIGH teacher is trained to carry forward all members of a group together; and help a student make-up a session or come up-speed to all other members. There is no policy to make up a group session only for one student in a group. All students in a group are also supposed to own and bring their own instrument for the group session.    

What certification will I get after completing a level for any instrument?

You will get a HIGH completion certificate for completing a learning level with us.
Payment Options

What are the modes of payment?

Currently you can make payments for learning plans via DD, Cheque, NEFT or Credit/Debit Cards.

What is your Refund Policy?

Fees once paid are not refundable.  If you are not satisfied with your HIGH teacher, please contact us for a replacement teacher.
Trail Session

Why a Trial session?

A trial session is essentially a testing of the water for both the Teacher and the Student. Its where the student decides whether or not he wishes to go ahead with the sessions or if the teacher wishes to go ahead with the sessions. In addition it helps us determine the learning level of the student.  This is now a very standard practice across instruments and we see it is as an essential part of signing up the student for long term sessions.

Do I need an instrument for the Trial Session?

Yes, you will need to have an instrument available for the trial session. If you don’t have an instrument we can arrange one for a nominal cost for the trial session.

Do I need to own an instrument to learn music?

Yes, it is essential that you have regular access to an instrument to learn music.  We advise you to explore purchasing an instrument through our sister concern- Furtados.   In addition until you decide to purchase an instrument, we can make available an instrument on hire for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Will I have to pay for a Trial Session?

Different teachers have different preferences. This will be indicated and communicated with you when you book a session.

Can I communicate with the teacher before I book a Trial Session with her/him?

You are required to communicate your preferences to us; and we will communicate with the teacher as required. This is done to ensure service delivery to you is prompt and appropriate.

Is there a penalty for cancelling a Trial Session?

Yes. If you are a teacher there is a penalty of INR100 if you cancel a planned trial session within 6 hours of the session.

Can I take a Trial Session for all instruments?


What is Music Buddy?

MusicBuddy is a revolutionary path breaking technology available on the High platform. It is very easy to use. It can be used across all devices such as a Laptop/Mobile Phone/Tablet wherein the student can practice the pieces given to him or her. There is no need for any special hardware. Any mobile device or computer with an inbuilt microphone and speakers is more than sufficient for using the service. The student plays piece once MusicBuddy is launched and the piece selected. MusicBuddy analyses the notes that the students are playing and determine the accuracy of playing. This is a very good opportunity for the students as it helps the student to practice correctly every time and it helps the student to submit his or her homework to the teacher.   MusicBuddy works for polyphonic instruments like Piano, Keyboard and Guitar.  

What do I need with me to practise using MusicBuddy?

MusicBuddy is literally plug and play. You only need your music instrument, a music book and a digital device with internet connected to practise music using MusicBuddy. It works on all devices - Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Just login into the platform starts practising.

What music do I get to practise on MusicBuddy?

Your Teacher will assign practise pieces for you as per your grade from the HIGH curriculum. These will be as per the curriculum you are being taught and will be available for you inside your MusicBuddy student account for practise. MusicBuddy is available currently only for Piano, Keyboard and Guitar Curricula.

What can I do once I find my assigned Homework?

Please click on the HW assigned. You can now listen to it, and practise along with. You can set the score with a metronome and practise. You can also set the score with a backing track and practise. You can change the tempo (reduce/increase) and practise. Finally when you are ready you can submit your recording to your teacher.

Can I come to a FSM Centres to practise my skills?

Access to FSM Centers is limited to students who are part of the center or schools serviced by FSM only.
Session Rescheduling & Make-Up Policy

I cannot take my scheduled session how do I reschedule?

Once you have started learning on the HIGH platform; you would have planned the day & time for your learning sessions. In case you are not able to attend a planned session you need to speak to you teacher and request him/her to reschedule the session. Only after a teacher reschedules a session to an alternate date will you be able to make-up. Else the session will be deemed to be completed.

We had a scheduled session; but teacher did not turn up

In case you teacher does not turn up for a scheduled session he/she will be charged a penalty fee.  Please contact our call center/ email us to inform us of the same.  

My teacher keeps rescheduling sessions and even skips planned lessons. I want a refund or replacement teacher.

You are not dependent on a specific teacher for your learning on the HIGH platform. In case your teacher is continuously rescheduling sessions you must get back to us and we will find you a replacement teacher on priority to complete your music learning plan.  
Teacher Profile, Quality & Shotlisting

Are High teachers certified?

Yes. All HIGH teachers are trained and certified by Furtados School of Music to teach our specific curriculum. In addition all HIGH teachers are background verified.  

On what basis is a teacher selected to teach with High?

We follow a rigorous selection criteria to onboard teachers on the HGH platform. All teachers need to have the basic music skills required to teach a grade assigned to them. In addition we invest  in soft skills , and teaching methodology training  and workshops to ensure our teachers provide high quality music learning to you. Selection.
Instrument Purchase

Do I need to purchase an instrument after the Trial Session?

Yes you will need to have regular access to an instrument when you are on a HIGH learning plan. We recommend you purchase one as advised by your teacher at  Furtados Stores or Furtados Online. In case you are unsure or would like to delay the purchase of an instrument you can opt for an Instrument Hiring Option will us.

What is the Instrument Hiring Option?

Currently we have hiring options available for Keyboards/ Piano and Guitars. These instruments can we hired through us on a weekly basis up to a maximum of 4 weeks. The charges for rental are nominal. Please reach out to us to avail this option.