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Teacher FAQS
Teacher Onboarding Process

I am already an established teacher. I don't need training. Is it ok?

I am sorry if you misunderstood the term “training”. Our mandatory on-boarding workshops provide you an in-depth understanding of the curriculum and pointers on how to properly implement it effectively in groups and solo sessions.   It will also give an in-depth training of how the platform works and functions. It is because you are an established teacher that we are comfortable with doing short workshops before on-boarding you. We take in-experienced teachers through a 3 month Short Educators Course instead.

Is it ok, if I can’t make it to all days of the training?

Unfortunately we would need you to be there on all the  days of the on-boarding training as all the days are just as important and critical.

How do you assign my Teacher Category.

We have 3 teacher categories   We either certify you on the basis of your Music Certificates or we will request you to send us a few videos which will be reviewed by our panel of acclaimed educators who will assign a skill level for you. Any pertinent information you can share with us regarding your music teaching experience will help us in this process.  
Grade Platform Level
Below Level 5 Pro
Level 5 and Above Pro +

What is the Trinity voucher that you are giving?

The Trinity Voucher is a rewards program that we have for our teachers who get/have 10 or more students on the High platform. The voucher enables the teacher to give any 1 Trinity College London / Trinity Rock & Pop exam completely free of cost. The exams available are Grade 4 to Grade 8. More details about this are mentioned on the voucher.

Why should I follow your prescribed Curriculum

At present we have a standardised curriculum. The curriculum has been designed in a way to standardize the entire experience for the teachers as well as the students so that it is both exciting and is also available on the Music Buddy platform which is a major USP for Furtados High.

What Curriculum are you following

For Guitar/Drums/Keyboard We are following the Rockstar Curriculum designed for Drums, Guitar and Keyboard by Mr. Rowan Parker exclusively for Furtados High. It is a very designed and well-paced curriculum allowing students to play in a number of genres. The student is able to play tunes from the start which maintains their motivation and satisfaction but at the same time it imparts all fundamentals of learning the guitar/drums/keyboard.   For Piano The Faber Piano Adventures curriculum is being used for piano education. Faber Piano is the leading piano teaching curriculum in America, today. It imparts piano learning in a fun yet disciplined manner.

What are the contents of the curriculum?

The  curriculum is being introduced and discussed in detail at the two day onboarding workshop.  We encourage you to attend the workshop t understand the curriculum in –depth.

Do I get to use my own course materials to teach?

We you to use your own song pieces/ repertoire based on student’s preferences and learning objectives in addition to our curriculum but not as a replacement. The student’s progress will be tracked basis our set objectives; which are aligned to the set HIGH curriculum. In additional MusicBuddy pieces are only for the HIGH curriculum.

Is there a minimal requirement for being a High teacher?

Yes. A HIGH teacher has to be minimum FSM Grade 3 Certified to be a starting FOUNDATION teacher. The FSM certifications will be made based on an assessment by our Instrument Mentors during the on-boarding workshops.   If  the teacher does not meet the minimum criteria we will offer them our 3 month Music Educator Short Course to develop the basic teaching skills.

Can I send a replacement teacher if I am not able to go?

No. As a teacher after you commit to a student you are expected to complete the learning course.

Can I choose who I take as students?

The trial session is the opportunity for you to assess a student request. At this stage you can accept or reject a learning requirement.
Teacher Revenue

Can I be a High teacher and run my own sessions?

Yes. As a teacher you are an independent freelance professional; and are free to take on students outside the platform. It is however advisable that you concentrate on the HIGH platform as the student base that grows; your % share of the same increases and enables you to make more income.

Will you take away my students?

On the contrary, we are more interested in providing you students and maximising your revenue. Furtados High can only grow if you grow.

I already have students, how will it benefit me?

Apart from the benefit of  getting more students ; HIGH would be a steady support system for you in terms of the ability to monitor your student’s progress digitally as well as access to one of the most comprehensive and easy to teach curriculums. HIGH offers you the convenience to schedule your sessions and keep track of your students and their progress. Besides, we are making available our revolutionary MusicBuddy solution which not only helps you and your students keep track of homework and practise but also motivates students to practise more.

Word of mouth publicity is good enough, why an app?

An app makes the whole process universally accessible and highly mobile. It also helps you to go paper less in terms of reducing the number of books needed to monitor student progress and a highly detailed account for the student and the parent to monitor progress.  

What is the benefit of bringing my students on-board?

You will be able to make use of all the resources and features of the HIGH platform which both, you and your students can greatly benefit from. Specifically once you migrate your existing students on the HIGH platform they will:
  • Benefit from the HIGH curriculum
  • Able to access performance opportunities
  • Able to appear for FSM examinations free of cost
  • Use Furtados MusicBuddy to practise music and enhance their learning

How do I avail of the Furtados commission on sale of instrument to my students ?

Please fill in the Furtados Teacher Form (we can eMail the same to you) at time of on-boarding. Request your students to please refer you as the teacher when they purchase instruments at the store to avail the commissions.   Instrument commissions will not be applicable on HIGH corporate client deals.
Teacher Payments

When and how do I get paid as a teacher?

You as an independent teacher are a service provider on our platform and render music teaching services directly to the students.  You will be paid for each completed student learning session by the HIGH platform . We plan to make a credit  into your bank account  directly on one day of the week, every week automatically. We have not yet automated our teacher payment process; and until we do so payments will be credited on a monthly basis.   All payments will be made into your account net of taxes deducted at source.

What if I don't get paid?

Every teacher gets paid for every session conducted and there is a binding contract to the same. So rest assured every teacher gets paid for the sessions conducted.

Why are you deducting tax a source from payments before crediting my account?

Before paying you your fees HIGH deducts Tax (TDS) at the current applicable rate (Currently 10%)  as mandated by the Law of the Country (As per Income Tax Act, Sections 192 to 194L) If you are exempt from Tax or below the Tax Limit you can claim refund from the government. We will be providing you the TDS Certificate on a quarterly basis (Form 16A).