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The piano is used across genres of music for solo and ensemble performances and for accompaniment and composition. The instrument can be learnt by young and old with equal ease under the guidance of a piano teacher.
High curriculum is innovative and holistic based on an interesting amalgamation of various creative methods of music education. The Piano curriculum at HIGH is Faber Piano Adventures, an internationally acclaimed curriculum widely used  by eminent educators for beginners and intermediate levels.  It is the Number 1 curriculum in the US. The Curriculum uses the best blend of Middle C and Multiple Key Approach. It has three series for three age groups – 4-6 year olds, 6-12 year olds, and +12 year olds.  Each series has its own unique features keeping in mind the growth of the individual age groups. The Curriculum keeps in mind that the overall learning experience is fulfilled and easy along with a steady and methodical progress for the learner.
The student can also be trained for FSM (Furtado School of Music) or Trinity Examination and for performance at recitals and concerts, by means of private piano lessons at home in Mumbai to be followed soon by similar classes being available in other cities of India.
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